Our Story


POINT G founder Julien Reignier

There was nothing in particular in Julien Reignier’s background that predestined him to become a pastry chef, but he did discover his passion for the culinary arts early on, as a child growing up in Annecy in the Haute Savoie region of France. Julien is a born inventor, a jack of all trades, nimble-fingered, intensely curious about everything, and of course a great lover of fine food. And making pastry proved a perfect outlet for his creative spirit!

After completing his studies in the culinary arts and pastry-making, Julien apprenticed with some of the world’s most renowned chefs, including Paul Bocuse. But the world beckoned, and Julien set out in search of adventure and a chance to hone his skills. His globetrotting took him to Brazil, The United Arab Emirates, Scotland and Indonesia, but all the while he pursued his studies at the world-renowned Bellouet culinary school in Paris. When it comes to acquiring knowledge and experience, Julien is insatiable.

In 2007, while visiting the United States, Julien had an experience that changed his life. He stepped into a store that sold macarons made by world champion pastry chef Christophe Michalack. It was the beginning of a great love affair.

“I see pastry-making above all as a way to enchant people, to make them happy and elicit in them new sensations.”


The Dawn of Point G

In June 2005, Julien moved to Québec, drawn by the wide open spaces, charmed by the culture, and eager to seize the opportunities available on the North American continent. He made his debut as head pastry chef of the five-diamond rated restaurant at the Casino de Montréal. Then in 2007 the budding entrepreneur decided to make the leap and devote himself to the art of making macarons: POINT G was born.

In 2008, Julien opened his first POINT G store on Mont-Royal avenue in Montreal – the only store in the city devoted exclusively to sweets of this sort. Without wasting any time, he flew to Paris to work alongside master chef Pierre Herme in the hope of unlocking the secret of the perfect macaron. Back in Montreal, success came quickly. POINT G became a hit in Quebec, while Julien Reignier established himself as an arbiter of good taste.

Defining Deliciousness

For Julien, pastry-making is a love affair – with people, cooking and life. In his experience, nothing compares to the pleasure we get from preparing and eating fine food because it stimulates all five senses so powerfully. POINT G doesn’t just offer customers a gourmet product; it gives them an unforgettable sensory experience!
POINT G products are made from the finest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. They are made using time-honoured artisanal techniques that are a guarantor of exceptional quality.

In a world where everything is always moving faster and isolation and stress are endemic, POINT G offers an opportunity to take some well-earned time out, an occasion to forget your worries and celebrate the simple pleasures of life!

POINT G: Our Values

Creativity. At POINT G, we’re constantly seeking to reinvent ourselves. Whether we’re creating new products or finding new ways of working, our goal is to never stop pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Respect. It’s the foundation of our philosophy. We foster self-esteem, savoir-faire, mutual respect and open-mindedness.

Commitment. POINT G is a responsible business committed to continuous improvement – from the ingredients we use to create our products to how we distribute them.

Ardour. Loving what you do and doing it well. Enthusiasm. Perseverance. At POINT G, we are always striving to scale new heights.

Authenticity. Another key to success at POINT G is the ability listen, share and communicate while staying true to oneself.

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